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Organic Health & Cosmetic Oils

We take great pride in sourcing pure and organic oils.

Oils are sourced primarily from Southern Africa. Certain oils are imported to complete our range.
Shea butter is bought in from East Africa, Cocoa butter from Malaysia

Nautica works in collaboration with organic and conventional farms cold pressing seeds to produce beautiful oils like Organic Rose hip oil, Organic Grape seed oil, Chia oil, Avocado oil, Marula and baobab just to mention a few.

Southern Africa is producing more and more essential oils to service local and international clients.

Other products:

To fully service our clients we have incorporated and are still working on getting more natural cosmetic ingredients on hand.
Products like Bees wax, Soya wax, Kaolin, Witch hazel, aloe vera products, hydrosols, plant actives, refined oils etc.

We have also moved into distributing indigenous herbs, plant matter and oil seeds.

Our Aim:

OKO Accredited
To supply High quality raw materials to the cosmetic, body care, health, aromatherapy and spa and food and beverage industries.

We have started packaging our essential oils in smaller quantities to assist our customers who are starting out and formulating new products to make this process more affordable.

We aim to work and grow mutually with our customers and staff, this is our 'organic' way of conducting business.